Villa Sandi is one of the leading producers of Prosecco, and devotes the utmost care and attention to its quality.


The Villa Sandi estate Vigna La Rivetta lies in the heart of the 106,8 hectares of the Cartizze area, between the hamlets of Santo Stefano and San Pietro di Barbozza, in the municipality of Valdobbiadene.
The estate La Rivetta covers one and a half hectares in the middle of this micro-area blessed with a gentle microclimate and an ancient fertile soil; the estate fully benefits from this special and perfect combination of geo-climatic features. Cartizze is a very special cru, the result of exceptional and fortunate conditions that enable a wine with unique characteristics to be produced. Villa Sandi Cartizze Vigna La Rivetta is proposed in a brut version, suitable for the whole meal.



In Valdobbiadene another estate stands, whose strategic location, exposed to the beneficial effects of sunrays and wind, leads to the cultivation of the best selection of grapes and to the production of the best crus of Prosecco DOCG. Besides this enchanting scenario of sunny hills, Villa Sandi monitors, with the help of experienced eonologists and agronomists, numerous vineyards of selected grape growers to ensure top quality DOCG wines.
This area is well renowned for the production of Prosecco, and Villa Sandi devotes to the production its utmost care and attention. The result of such effort is an elegant wine with typical flowery and fruity notes that makes it unique in all its versions: sparkling, and semi-sparkling.




On this estate the grapes destined to the production of the prestigious reserves Marinali and Opere Trevigiane are cultivated. These are important vineyards where the traditional cultivation techniques are combined with the expertise offered by the Experimental Institute for the Viniculture in Conegliano.


Vineyards have characterized for centuries the landscape of the Trevisan hills and the Villa Sandi estate in Nervesa della Battaglia is located indeed in the heart of the Montello and Colli Asolani area. Here the characteristics of the soil allow the production of the Prosecco Spumante Asolo DOCG.


Villa Sandi 50 hectares estate in Spilimbergo is located in the large and flat area of Friuli Grave, between Udine and Pordenone and it is mainly composed of stones and gravel. The chalky stones have two positive effects for the vines: during the day they reflect heat and light necessary to the maturation of the grapes while during the night they return the heat accumulated in the sunniest hours thereby maintaining constant climatic conditions extending the harvest season. Sugars are more concentrated in the Grape giving to the wine more complex and aromatic notes. Furthermore the mountains are a barrier to the cold north winds and the proximity of the Adriatic coast contributes to the creation of a microclimate suitable for the cultivation of the vine. It is an area suited to white grapes, indeed in the estate are growing especially Glera, Pinot Grigio and Ribolla gialla.