Villa Sandi is certified “Biodiversity Friend” by the WBA (World Biodiversity Association).
This certifies the company commitment to viticultural practices with a low environment impact to safeguard the biodiversity, the whole of the animal and vegetal species living in a specific area. This sustainable approach is aimed to protect the vineyards and the surrounding environment to further guarantee healthy and high quality grapes.


“Biodiversity Friend” is a standard certification developed in 2010 by World Biodiversity Association to evaluate the biodiversity and promote its conservation in agriculture. The procedure to obtain the certification considers the environmental impacts of the agricultural activities on the agrosystem and the biodiversity and suggests operational strategies to improve the environmental quality of the agricultural areas.The evaluation is referred to 10 actions related to low-impact methods of pest and weed control, reconstitution of soil fertility, rational management of water resources, diffusion of hedges, woodlands and nectariferous plants, conservation of agricultural biodiversity, soil, air and freshwater quality through Biodiversity Indices, use of renewable sources for energy supply, lower CO2 production and CO2 storage and other actions that may have beneficial effects on biodiversity. The environmental conditions of the agrosystem are evaluated by biomonitoring of air, water and soil. The biodiversity of soil and aquatic macroinvertebrates and the biodiversity of epiphytic lichen communities decrease very quickly when the soil, water and air conditions are altered by different causes such as pollution, synthetic and organic pesticides, bad land use practices, etc.